The United Arab Emirates are a beacon of innovation and are welcoming international businesses that are prioritising on sustainability across different sectors.
KEELING is a great example of a United Arab Emirates born brand based on these values with a focus on the environment in line with international standards and striving for a new concept of luxury.
Maitha Al Falasi
Patroness of Keeling
The future is not beauty and fashion!
The future is beauty and fashion that helps save us all! Did you know that more people on the planet wear “swimwear” than any other clothes? The mission of KEELING is to make sustainable, beautiful swimwear!
David Arkless
David Arkless
Patron of Keeling
The presence of the KEELING brand at Pitti, the world's prestigious fashion stage, is an important fact and i am happy that Sealand International has chosen it to present an innovative product made using the Clean Color sustainable dyeing patent from Pacific Technology Company. Saving water and using recycled materials in the industrial processes is the only way to preserve nature. I wish the best success to this brand from the evocative name of a natural paradise in the Indian Ocean.
Mario Boselli
Patron of Keeling
"KEELING “ is concretely looking for the way to make fashion world really sustainable. There must be a better way to make the things without spoiling the sea and the land. Clean Color is a fact and it demonstrates that change is possible keeping products competitive”
Jonathan Huang
Patron of Keeling